October 2021 Newsletters


Blazes Modifications October 2021 Newsletter 

At the start of October / late end of September we hit the biggest goal so far of 1000 discord members. We are so grateful for this and that is what we have been working for over the past few months. All your support is really appreciated.


All commissions are open for EUP liveries etc.. the average wait time is within a few days depending on the size of the commissioned package. EUP packages can be ordered any size however there multi department commissions will take longer of course. Patch commissions are open; you can also pay for rights on those now.

What we are working on:

Me and the team have been working on lots of projects that haven't been announced inside of the discord and we plan to release more soon. But currently we are focusing on the safariland Holster and lspd eup package.

Dev Applications:

Dev applications have been closed for a while due to us not needing any more staff / developers from what we already have.(As the demand for liveries increase we will begin to hire more teams members to assign to those commissions and possible packages)

New Listings:

We have been working on lots of side packages such as fbi which has slightly delayed the Safariland holster but I am sure that when it is released we will be working on more projects similar to it. (You can suggest new products that we work on via our suggestions channel in the discord)

SAFR EUP Package Remaster:

We know that lots of people have been suggesting a remaster of the SAFR EUP pack and yes I do like the idea of doing a remaster as that pack is one of the oldest in the store. So watch out for that!


There has been a lot of new stuff this month and there is definitely more to come! We are excited to show you the new stuff we have been working on and hope that you enjoy it.